Job Searching And The Holidays

Hello Everyone,

Just a thought. I’ve spoken to many people over the past few weeks & I have heard a similar theme. Once December comes around, the job market is closed & no one will be hired until after the New Year. I’ve heard it from employers who have urgent open positions & from candidates who are actively looking for work. A few thoughts on this topic Job Searching And The Holidays.

Yes, there is definitely a slowdown once December comes around with hiring & with candidates that are looking for work. However, there are also many open positions that NEED to be filled or at least have interviews done by year’s end, or the hiring manager will lose the budget for the position for the following year. For jobs like this, there is no better time to submit your resume & be interviewed. From my conversations with hiring managers & HR executives, I have seen that though the December slowdown is real, there are also many positions that they want to start interviewing for before the new year starts & even have candidates start immediately after the new year kicks off. Also, if the workload slows down for these hiring executives, they will have more time to review resumes & conduct interviews especially during the week between Christmas & New Year. There are many positions that simply can not wait!

As far as waiting to submit your resume after the new year due to the slowdown of the holiday season, think about this…Once the new year comes around, there will be a HUGE influx of resumes for these positions. Whether candidates are unhappy with their bonuses & want to look around, new year’s resolutions, or many other reasons, I have seen many more resumes come across my desk the first 2 weeks of January, more than any other 2 week period of the year.

My simple advice here is to beat the rush! If you find a position that you are qualified for, APPLY IMMEDIATELY. You will be surprised how quickly you’ll get a call or email back. Especially during the slow weeks. Personally, I look forward to those times to organize resumes, have clients who are much easier to reach, & candidates who have more time to go on an interview.

Yes, the December slowdown is real & yes, there are companies that will wait until the new year to interview. It can not hurt however to give it a shot & post your resume or apply to a position that you feel that you are a great fit for.

That said, I also want to take the time to wish a very happy holiday to all of the job seekers & hiring executives that take the time to read these postings. May the holidays be special for you & your families and may the New Year bring you all the success you wish for.

Season’s Greetings

Alex Dubovoy