Financial – Banks, Brokerage Firms, Mid – Size Financial Firms, Hedge Funds

New York City is without question the financial capital of the world. For hundreds of years, NYC has been the headquarters of the world’s largest banks, the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, investment banks, brokerage houses, and of course Hedge Funds. The financial industry is what New York is known for in every business circle & area. The financial industry is also one of the largest employers of IT professionals in the world. The industry hires Developers, Network Engineers, Quants, QA Engineers, System Admins, Business Analysts, DBA’s & just about any other profession once can imagine. Finance is known for a strong work ethic & also very lucrative bonuses. Whether you work for a mid sized retail bank, or an international Investment Bank, you can expect to make 10-20% more in base salaries & anywhere between 10-60% more in bonuses in the financial industry. Yes, the hours are longer & the environments are more challenging, but there is no other industry out there where you can grow & earn such high dividends on your hard work. For more information on our open jobs in the financial industry, please email us at