As much as e-commerce has taken a large bite out of the traditional retail market, New York City is still home to several top name brand retail organizations that are also changing with the times. There will always be room for top “brick and mortar” stores such as Macy’s , Saks, etc….Times are changing though, & the retail industry has taken notice. Retail is now a top employer in the IT industry with their online sales platforms & web traffic. For an industry that was behind the IT curve just 10-20 years ago, retail firms now are investing very heavily in online sales, websites, e-commerce platforms, & are looking for top IT talent to get them there. The IT professional can expect to work with the top technologies available on the market while dealing with very heavy internet traffic, all while maintaining point of sale systems & advertising. Retail has officially caught up to IT & is now at the forefront of the market. For more information on jobs in the Retail sector email us at