Java / Go Software Engineer

Since 2006 our company has been developing a content discovery platform guided by a single mission: to help people discover content that they can trust to be interesting, relevant, and timely. Today our recommendations reach hundreds of millions of users across a global list of premium media properties. Our firm is on the cutting edge of Big Data, Real Time Reporting, and is growing our Development team at a very rapid pace


Our new platform is a new and unique system under our umbrella of publisher solutions that tracks the revenue generated from publisher pages in real time by utilizing integrations to various ad serving networks and technologies. It is used to track real time revenue for some of the biggest news sites around the world and to help optimize campaigns they run.

We are seeking a Cloud Services Software Engineer to lead our NYC-based software team who can help us build internal automation and infrastructure tooling. This role has a specific focus on software development within a Cloud Services context.The team is responsible for the visibility aspects of our infrastructure. Collecting, transporting, and analyzing millions of events a second from metrics to logs and many more.


  • Experience with modern languages used on the web (Java,Go).
  • Good understanding of modern web architecture (Layer 4 & 7 load balancers, the HTTP protocol, and what to look for when things go wrong).
  • Good understanding of RESTful web services and SOA related standards.
  • Experience administering Linux systems and understanding common troubleshooting and maintenance techniques.
  • Able to pick up new software, frameworks and APIs quickly.
  • Good knowledge of basic large-scale internet service architectures (such as load balancing, caching, queues), even if you haven’t worked on one.
  • Passion for turning complex distributed processes into “click of a button”-grade automation.
  • Experience in designing software and/or platforms used by other developers, and have supporting those developers with the adoption of your solutions.

Union Square, Manhattan