Node.JS Developer

Are you a highly skilled JavaScript Developer who is looking for a real challenge? Would you like to work for an awesome television network where millions of people will see your work every day? Do you currently reside in the NYC Metro area?

Who we are :

We are a multi billion dollar television network that owns 12 other television channels & are a household name in the entertainment field. We also are at the forefront of Video On Demand, Video Streaming, Set Top Box Programming, Mobile Programming, & are constantly growing our very talented tech team.

Who you are :

A highly skilled individual who has a proven track record and takes pride in bringing high-quality product quickly to market, enjoys learning and applying new technologies, and thrives in a dynamic engineering-oriented work environment.

What you will do:

  • Developing front end (browser) (JavaScript or PHP) and server side code (Node.JS) to build highly scalable, interactive web sites using tech like node.js, JavaScript, mongodb, PHP etc.
  • Managing web development lifecycle including design, development, testing, and deployment. Building web sites responsive web design that can be leveraged across multiple devices including tablets and phones.
  • Research new technologies, methodologies, architecture patterns so as to select the correct solution depending on the need. Assess areas of re-use and architect solutions that can be easily integrated across products. Ensure that solutions are architected and implemented to scale.

What you should know :

  • Developing websites using node.js , JavaScript, PHP, HTML 5, CSS3 for 2+ years
  • Proficiency in JavaScript and familiarity with common libraries (jquery, requirejs, npm)
  • Hands on Node.js experience is required
  • Experience with No-SQL database like mongodb
  • Proficient in a Unix/Linux
  • Familiarity with cloud services such as AWS

$90 Per Hour
Midtown, Manhattan