Welcome To EDE Partners Web Blog

Hello Everyone,

My name is Alex Dubovoy, & I am the President of EDE Partners, Welcome To EDE Partners Web Blog. I have been in the IT Staffing & Consulting Industry for over 22 years & decided that it was time to create this blog in order to give any advice I can to job seekers & employers. This will be an open forum in which I encourage everyone & anyone to make a post as well as put up topics for discussion. I believe that through communication, we can all help each other in our job searches & our searches for staff. I am one of the people lucky enough to have a job that is also my passion.

In the posts, you can expect topics for job seekers such as Interview Tips, How to address reasons for leaving, salary negotiations, counter  offers, background checks, resume creation, setting expectations, time management for interviews, & many more topics.

For hiring managers & HR Professionals you can expect topics such as resume screening, how to effectively use a recruiter to save you time, salary negotiation, setting expectations, how to keep a candidate interested in your position, how to tell if they are interested, & many more topics.

Finally I want to stress that I encourage everyone who takes the time to post on this board to share your insight with the rest of us. Even though I’ve been in the staffing business over 15 years, I see & learn new things, meet new & interesting people, & learn new ways to evolve with the staffing industry. We have seen many changes over the years & without the insight of everyone I have interacted with, I would never have learned anything. Please feel free to post new topics, add to current discussions, & contact me anytime with any questions. My direct email is alex@edepartners.  My direct phone # is 646-536-3319. I will do my best to answer any post, comment, or message as quickly as I can. Thank you very much for logging on to this site & I look forward to a great forum in which we can all learn from each other & help each other reach our common goals.


Alex Dubovoy